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It starts with heirloom apples

We carefully cultivate and select the apple varietals for our cider. With such a rich heritage of apple growing in the Okanagan, we’re spoiled for choice.

We raise and harvest a variety of heirloom cider apples, as well as crab and dessert apples at our orchards in Summerland.

Small-batch cider from branch to bottle

We do everything by hand so that we can craft the highest quality cider, experiment with some interesting ingredients and techniques, and keep it fun.

2020 Harvest Experimental Series

Single-varietal heritage apples, wild yeasts, co-fermentation with other tree-fruit from our farm and natural conditioning techniques.

These are unique one-off experiments that we may or may not make again.

Available at the tasting room, to Cider Club members and some select stockists.

Cider Club 2022

Membership includes two shipments per year of 6 x 750ml bottles, exclusive releases, 25% discount online and in-person, and a monthly newsletter from our cidermaker Mike.

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12 x 750mL bottles
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Hope Springs Eternal
English bittersweet cider apples fermented with wild yeasts and crushed peaches from Windrosa Farms in Summerland

Falling In Staves
English bittersweet cider apples fermented with wild yeasts and crushed apricots from Windrosa Farms in Summerland

Theory and Practice (Pét Nat)
Eighteenth century heirloom apples Belle de Boskoop and Newtown Pippin, fermented with wild yeasts and bottled using the méthode ancestrale

Ever Closer Union
Macintosh cider fermented with wild yeasts and Dolgo crabapples

Lower Than Angels
French bittersweet cider apples fermented with wild yeasts and Chardonnay pomace

Nom de Plume
English bittersweet cider apples fermented with wild yeasts and estate-grown Italian plums

Once and Future
Bartlett and Anjou pears fermented with wild yeasts and quince fruit

Castles In The Sky
Local pears fermented with wild yeasts and pinot noir pomace from Lightning Rock Winery in Summerland

All That Glitters
French bittersweet cider apples fermented with wild yeasts and local nectarines from Windrosa Farms in Summerland

Daydream Delusion
Estate grown cider apples fermented in-barrel with a Brettanomyces-forward yeast culture and second-use cherries from Temporal Ales

April In Paris
Single variety estate grown cider of the 18th century heirloom apple Winesap

First Estate (2018)
The very first harvest in 2018 of our newly planted cider apples from our orchard on the farm

Magic Hour
session dry

Pretty To Think So
with raspberries

Free Your Mind
with grapefruit & hops

Thick As Thieves
with ginger

Lost Generation

First Principles
flagship dry

New World Perry
flagship pear

We also have 30L kegs of cider. Get in touch to see what is available.

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Last updated: April 2022

Founded by three friends

We all grew up in the countryside: Robin in southern England, Luke in Saskatchewan, and Mike right here in Summerland.

We started Dominion Cider Co. because we wanted to create something from scratch, with our hands, on land that we steward. We wanted to build a company that celebrates with a cold cider after a day of hard work. A company that is enduring, sustainable, and honest.

We named our cidery after the
Dominion Experimental Farms

Dominion Experimental Farms was an agricultural network stretching from coast to coast created in the late 1800s to support Canadian farmers. It's got more than a century of history here in Summerland, BC. It’s a name that means heritage, collaboration, and innovation — values that inspire us.

Set up to study and develop new apple varieties introduced by early settlers from Europe, the Dominion Experimental Farm created a legacy of distinctive heritage apples around here. Over time, as tastes changed, many orchards were replaced by vineyards – the heritage apples forgotten. We're bringing them back.


We care about the local community and are aware of our responsibility as a company to contribute positively to that community’s social and environmental fabric. We’re making purposeful contributions every year to support the issues that are important to us. This year, we’re supporting the important work of the following organizations.

  • Hogan’s Alley Society
    A non-profit organization committed to daylighting the presence of Black history in Vancouver and throughout British Columbia.

  • Pacific Association of First Nations Women
    Advocacy for systems change, providing Indigenous, culturally safe learning and holistic support to uplift Indigenous women and strengthen families.

  • Summerland Food Bank
    The Summerland Food Bank provides emergency food and information and referral services for people in need in Summerland.

  • Penticton Soupeteria
    Providing anyone in need with a bowl of fresh made hearty hot soup with a sandwich and a dessert every day of the year.

  • Wavaw Rape Crisis Centre
    A feminist, anti-oppressive, decolonizing rape crisis centre providing support services and advocating for social and systemic change through education, outreach and activism.

Made in a little quonset on our farm

From branch to bottle, we do everything by hand at our farm: from picking apples and pressing juice, to bottling and drinking it with you at our on-site tasting bar. And we are pretty lucky to have a bunch of family and friends help out with every aspect of the process. Come by and share some cider with us.

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10216 Gould Avenue (map)
Summerland, BC
(778) 516-8006

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