Our family of ciders is growing

Along with Traditional Dry and our Collab Ginger ciders, we now have limited-batches of New World Perry, Lost Garden Rhubarb and a Cascade Dry-Hopped ciders ready for you at the tasting bar and stockists near you. We are excited to also have filled some kegs, so you can find us on tap at select fine restaurants and tasting rooms too.

It starts with heirloom apples

We carefully select the apple varietals for our cider. With such a rich heritage of apple growing in the Okanagan, we’re spoiled for choice.

Dominion Craft Cider includes a variety of heirloom cider apples with crab and dessert apples added for a distinctive taste in each batch. We grow and pick all our own apples at our orchard in Summerland.

Small-batch cider from branch to bottle

We do everything by hand so that we can craft the highest quality cider, experiment with some interesting ingredients, and keep it fun. Dominion Craft Cider is our flagship pub-style craft cider. It has a light golden colour with a lively effervescence in the glass. It has a distinctive apple aroma with a full-bodied mouthfeel from the blend of apple varietals in each batch.

Dominion Ginger Cider is our limited-batch ginger cider co-created with Dickie’s Ginger. This ginger cider combines the crispness of our dry apple cider with real ginger to add a complex aroma and a hint of spice.

Available at fine locations

Founded by three friends:
Mike, Robin and Luke

We all grew up in the countryside: Robin in southern England, Luke in Saskatchewan, and Mike right here in Summerland.

We started Dominion Cider Co. because we wanted to create something from scratch, with our hands, on land that we steward. Together, we wanted to build a company that celebrates with a cold cider after a day of hard work. A company that is enduring, sustainable, and honest.

We named our cidery after the Dominion Experimental Farms

Dominion Experimental Farms was an agricultural network of farms stretching from coast to coast, including one in Summerland. Set up to study and develop new apple varieties introduced by early settlers from Europe, the Dominion Experimental Farm has over a century of history in Summerland, and has created a legacy of distinctive heritage apples. Over time, as tastes have changed, many orchards have been replaced by vineyards — the heritage apples forgotten. We're bringing them back.

Dominion is a name that means heritage, collaboration, and innovation — values that inspire us in our orcharding and cidermaking.

Made in a little farm Quonset

From branch to bottle, we do everything by hand at our farm: from picking apples and pressing juice, to bottling and drinking it with you at our on-site tasting bar. And we are pretty lucky to have a bunch of family and friends help out with every aspect of the process. Come by and share some cider with us.

Visit Us

We're closed for the winter season.

10216 Gould Avenue (map)
Summerland, BC
(778) 516-8006


Haverkamps, Doberniggs, Garthwaites, Bob, Tom, & Ron, friends & family. You are what make the cider community so wonderful. We are so grateful for your help. We couldn’t do this without you.

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